Betsey Johnson

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Fashion designer Betsey Johnson was born on August 10, 1942 in Wethersfield, Connecticut. As a child she attended dance classes and even today her passion for dance and costumes dominate in her creations.

In 1964 she officially entered the fashion world by winning the Mademoiselle “Guest Editor Contest”. A year later she became the main designer of the Paraphernalia boutique, well known for the creations of young London creators among which Mary Quant and Paco Rabanne. Very soon she became famous for her creations of sexy silhouette models and floral hippy designs. In 1969 Betsey Johnson opened her own boutique, Betsey Bunki Nini.

In 1970’s she took control of the Alley Cat label, popular among rock’n roll musicians. The 70’s were significant for Betsey because she won the Coty award as the youngest designer ever awarded. 1978 brings a shift in her career due to the partnership with Chantal Bacon. They started the Betsey Johnson label as known today.

In 1980’s she opened a store in LA Melrose Avenue, and in 1999 she started her store in Vancouver. In 2006 she opened her first store in Tokyo. Her creations can also be found in specialized stores in Asia and Europe.

In 2003 Betsey decided to move to Mexico with her family. She bought a small hotel, renovated it and named it Betseyville. She decided to rent it to the public, to interesting people as she says, and she stays there when she needs a dose of inspiration for her creations.

In her private life, she had difficult moments, and she is a breast cancer survivor. She is therefore known for her participation in many campaigns for fight and prevention of this disease. In 2003 CFDA asked her to be an Honorary Chairperson for the “Fashion Targets Breast Cancer” what she accepted. Because of her work and dedication to the fight against breast cancer she was also awarded by the National Breast Cancer Coalition in 2004, at a prestigious ceremony hosted by Ron Perlman .

The New Millennium opened many new opportunities for her business. Beside clothes she started designing shoes and underwear. She also follows the new trends and her boutiques offer accessories, purses, glasses, belts, watches, jewelry, swimming suits, and of course, the unavoidable – fragrances.

In 2006 she launches her first fragrance, Betsey Johnson, a real pop art luxury. The outer package is decorated with the details which reflect her style, leopard print and roses, while the bottle is accentuated with a very unusual and attention drawing top. The unusual bottle was designed by Colorful Licences.

Betsey Johnson fragrance was created by two noses, Bernard Blanc and Mathilde Bijaoui. They gave it a sparkling and joyful opening, combining the notes of grapefruit, pear, black currant and tangerine. The middle notes unite the floral and fruity accords of freesia, lily of the valley and red apple, while the base bring cedarwood, sandalwood, praline, amber and musks.

The fragrance comes as EDP in 30ml (1oz), 50ml (1.7oz) and 100ml (3.4oz), with the matching body care products, perfumed bath, shower gel and body lotion in 200ml sizes.

Betsey Johnson is known as a capricious, but feminine woman, full of energy, which persistently follows her own way and her love for fashion, details and life in general. She has a daughter Lulu, born in 1975, together with whom she works today and makes many new and interesting creations.

Betsey Johnson says about herself: “Making clothes involves what I like…color, pattern, shape and movement…I like the everyday process…the people, the pressure, the surprise of seeing the work come alive walking and dancing around on strangers. Like red lipstick on the mouth, my products wake up and brighten and bring the wearer to life…drawing attention to her beauty and specialness…her moods and movements…her dreams and fantasies.”

Designer Betsey Johnson has 4 perfumes in our fragrance base. The earliest edition was created in 2006 and the newest is from 2018. Betsey Johnson fragrances were made in collaboration with perfumers Bernard Blanc and Mathilde Bijaoui.

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